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Vacant Staging Specialist?

Monday, August 9th, 2010

People have an EXTREMELY hard time visualizing a space without furniture in it. In fact, only 10% of buyers can visualize furniture placement and the scale of a room. Vacants are cold and lack emotion, colour and style. Even if the story is a good one, say a couple that is getting married, the empty house still tells the potential buyer a sad story. Why?  Because it LOOKS sad when a house is empty or mostly empty!

I have several flippers who use me for every one of their properties. I also have a few builders/developers that stage their models while they sell the rest of the units/homes. And, of course, I have some of those happy and sad stories of homeowners who call me directly to stage their vacant/semi-vacant home.

I am, by far, staging more vacants than lived-in homes. I have staged so many lately that I feel like I have become a VACANT STAGING EXPERT!

I love staging vacants! They are fast, usually easier and always end with a dramatic result. Keep em’ coming!

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