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Monday, September 13th, 2010

I staged a beautiful model home last week. The target market is for retired/seniors aged 55-75, down sizing from their larger family home. Prior to staging, the on-site agents were getting feedback that the units were too small and potential buyers couldn’t visualize the space to allow a living and dining room.

The agents convinced the owner to stage the unit across the hall which is the same layout (but inverted) as the sales offiice. They had open houses this weekend and here is what the agent had to say.

“Feedback was Fabulous. One woman couldn’t believe that our Sales Office was the same design as the Model that you staged….That’s exactly what we needed. It really shows the space beautifully. One person thought the Master Bedroom in the Sales office was small and was amazed at the size of the room with the bed in it in the Model. People are so visual.”

Do you think the model looks larger than the sales office? It is amazing how placing the correct sized furniture in a space can make it look larger. The sales office has far less furniture in it but it still looks smaller!

Up next…What is more important? Staging or Painting?

Is a kleenex box an accessory?

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Most people are surprised that there are several items that I do not consider acceptable for staging.  They wonder why I ask them to put away the dog bed for showings. Or they insist that the Kleenex box is accenting the room because it is the right colour. Here are some more things that I do NOT consider an accessory:

  • Water cooler-unless there is a PERFECT spot for it, it will take up space and look out of place.
  • Pet food dishes-don’t remind the non-pet buyers that there is a dog living in their future house.
  • TV remotes-put away in a drawer for showings.
  • Wii equipment-yes including a perfectly set up rock band set. Unless it is a designated games room, it will take up valuable space.
  • Stereo-unless it is tucked away nicely in a built-in, stereo’s take up valuable space.
  • Kitchen dish towels hanging on the stove or fridge handle-even if they are colour coordinated, it reminds people of work.
  • Dish cloth folded neatly over the sink-who wants to be reminded of washing dishes when they are viewing a home for sale.
  • High chair-takes up valuable space.
  • Tooth brushes, hair brushes, perfume-no one wants to see other people’s personal items.
  • Shower items such as 3 razors, 7 bottles of shampoo, 4 bars of soap-de-clutter your shower.
  • Stacked toilet paper rolls-are NOT decorative accents.

Sometimes I may sound harsh with all my details but eliminating these items can make a huge difference in the overall impression of your home. How you actually live in your home to how you want your buyers to envision themselves living in your home are two very separate realities.

 Up next…I’m staging a Stone Gate Model Home in Ancaster tomorrow!