Why Rent VS Purchase your furnishings?

Do you think you can do it yourself? Some clients wonder if they should just take the time to purchase all the items they need to finesse their home for sale or let me take care of it all for them. Here is the real deal on how renting from a stager works.

If a stager brings in $3000.00 worth of inventory to your home (which is average) including art, lamps, bedding, chairs, dinette set, bench, trees, area rugs…it would cost you $450.00-$600.00. Most stagers charge between 15-20% of the inventory’s purchase price.

It would be worth it for you to purchase, say, an 8 x 11 area rug if you want to keep it for your next house. But if you don’t know if you will use an 8 x 11 area rug in you next house, paying $300-$400.00 (or much more) for an area rug would be senseless when you can rent one for about $52.00.

Along with saving time, energy and money (renting from a stager) comes the invaluable expertise in setting the home up properly. Furniture layout, lighting, accents placement, art height, room function are all addressed in order to make your home appeal to a specific target market. The result is that the buyer will connect with your home.

Most stagers will be happy to advise you on what items you may want to purchase so that you can move them into your next home (luxurious bedding is a great example). But for the most part, it is usually better to rent from a staging company than purchase the right peice for the home you are selling, that in turn, may be the wrong peice for the home you move into.

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