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The BEST Upgrades That Sell Your House Faster!

Monday, January 16th, 2012

What are the BEST “little” upgrades that you can make to your OLDER home that will help it sell faster? The answer may surprise you. Hint: People seem to notice things they touch…

  • Paint your front door-A fresh coat of punchy paint is always welcoming. It is surprising how many front doors are weathered and dull or the colour is dated.
  • Upgrade your house number, mailbox, exterior light fixture(s) and doorbell-This will set the tone for the whole home. Attention to these details will make the buyer have a good comment/feeling before they have even entered the home!
  • Change out door hardware-if the home is more than 20 years old and is still wearing it’s original door hardware, it is a great upgrade to change all the door knobs (including the entrance door). Even if the doors are dated, changing out the handles to clean, current style handles or knobs is a great upgrade.
  • Change or clean light switches-light switches get dingy and dirty in even the most clean homes. It is just one of those things that people don’t notice in their own house but do in other people’s homes.
  • Update kitchen/bathroom hardware-this is such an easy way to make any kitchen or bathroom look more current.
  • Update faucets-Even if the kitchen/bathroom is dated, a nice, clean faucet will make the area feel as if the home is “cared for”
  • Update light fixtures-this may cost a bit of money but the result is enormous! Dated light fixtures make buyers look for other things in the home that are also old (door knobs, kitchen cupboards, kitchen and bathroom faucets)
  • Change out the heat vents-Old, metal heat vents can get bent and rusty. Changing them to new, clean vents is always a good idea.
  • Show an office/laptop area-Without compromising a functional space (bedroom), try to have a desk set up with a laptop, lamp and chair somewhere in the home. Almost every household has a computer/laptop so it is important for every buyer in every target market to see a good location for their computer.


It doesn’t cost a lot to make these basic upgrades/changes to your home before you sell. It is always my recommendation as a designer to try and do many of these things in the years prior to selling so you can enjoy the upgrades yourself!