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Can You Afford to Rent Furniture for Staging your Home in Hamilton, Ontario?

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Do you think you can afford to rent furniture for staging your home in Hamilton, Ontario? The impact of a staging your home is huge which makes the value huge as well. And it may be less expensive than you think. A more important question could be “Can you afford NOT to rent the missing pieces to showcase your home to its fullest potential“?

Here is a example of the cost to rent furniture and accessories for staging your home. The example is based on a vacant living room and dining room of a standard size home (2000-2500 sq. ft). The price would be much lower if your home has good, useable pieces to work with.

Living Room-sofa, love (or 2 chairs), cocktail, end tables, lamps, cushions, throw, art, tree, accents (Replacement Value-$2400.00) Rental Investment – $360.00

EXTRAS (above and beyond living room package)

  • area rug 8 x 11-$66.00
  • area rug 5 x 8-$36.00
  • drapery x 1-$27.00
  • console-$22.00
  •  art-$18.00
  • Tree-$18.00
  • TV stand-$22.00
  • TV prop-$18.00


Dining Room-dining table, 6 chairs, center piece, art/mirror (Replacement Value-$1440.00) Rental Investment – $216.00            

EXTRAS (above and beyond dining room package)

  • drapery x 1 – $27.00
  • server and accents-$40.00
  • area rug 8 x 11-$66.00



The cost to rent the items is charged monthly for the first  month and can be pro-rated bi-weekly if more than one month’s rental is required.

Different stagers work in different housing markets. A stager in Oakville, for example, may charge 20% – 25% of the replacement cost where a stager from Hamilton or St. Catharines may only charge 15% of the replacement cost.

Many homes in Oakville are much larger in scale and price range so the quality of inventory (and the scale of items) needs to be higher to reflect the quality and price range of the homes.

Feel free to call for more infomation or to get a more accurate quote for your specific staging needs. Universal Concepts Design and Staging Solutions, 905 662 2678.