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Model Home Staging

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

In the past, builder’s used interior designers to stage thier model homes. They pay them a fee, give them an allowance and send them out to PURCHASE the furniture and accessories. This is not only expensive but it is inefficient.

Here are a few reasons why renting using a stager vs PURCHASING inventory is smarter and more ecconomical:

  • Staging will allow the builder to pay monthly and only for as long as he needs it. He won’t have the upfront costs of purchasing the all the furniture and accessories.
  • Staging allows the builder to go with the trends. If he purchases the inventory, he is stuck with it for years. Furniture and colour trends change quickly and stager’s keep up with current trends.
  • Renting inventory is a 100% write off for the builder.
  • When staging a vacant show home, the builder does not need to get contents’ insurance because it is insured through the stager and/or furniture rental company. Owning his own inventory means he has to insure the contents as well as the property.
  •  A designer would have to start from scratch and source the whole job which the builder would be charged for (design fee/sourcing fee). The stager already owns inventory so a much smaller sourcing fee is involved.
  • Staging will allow an accurate and proper furniture layout for every individual floor plan. Using previously owned furniture from the last model’s footprint doesn’t always work in the new model’s floor plan.
  • Builder’s programs are available including lower monthly payments for longer-term rentals (3-6 months). The rent goes down the longer it stays staged.
  • Storing the inventory could be a problem for the builder if the model sells without having a new model to move the inventory to.

I am finding builder’s are starting to see the value in RENTING from stagers instead of PURCHASING their own inventory.

Up next? By demand…more before and after photos!


Monday, September 13th, 2010

I staged a beautiful model home last week. The target market is for retired/seniors aged 55-75, down sizing from their larger family home. Prior to staging, the on-site agents were getting feedback that the units were too small and potential buyers couldn’t visualize the space to allow a living and dining room.

The agents convinced the owner to stage the unit across the hall which is the same layout (but inverted) as the sales offiice. They had open houses this weekend and here is what the agent had to say.

“Feedback was Fabulous. One woman couldn’t believe that our Sales Office was the same design as the Model that you staged….That’s exactly what we needed. It really shows the space beautifully. One person thought the Master Bedroom in the Sales office was small and was amazed at the size of the room with the bed in it in the Model. People are so visual.”

Do you think the model looks larger than the sales office? It is amazing how placing the correct sized furniture in a space can make it look larger. The sales office has far less furniture in it but it still looks smaller!

Up next…What is more important? Staging or Painting?