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How do you find a Great Stager in Hamilton, Ontario?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

How do you find a great stager in Hamilton, Ontario? There are thousands of stagers surfacing a year. How do you know if you are hiring a great stager? There are many things that set stagers apart.

DESIGN BACKGROUND: Furniture layout, colour selection and style are very important concerns for designing a room. An experienced stager with a design background will have the knowledge to improve and enhance rooms of any size or shape.

FULL TIME OCCUPATION: A great stager is committed to growing their business and will always be there for you. Experience is key. 

OFFICIAL WEBSITE/BLOG: This adds a tremendous amount of credibility and lets you in on their style and personality a bit.

PORTFOLIO: This is the best way for you to see the stagers quality of  work , style and inventory.

AWARDS: If stagers have ever won any awards, they will let you know. It will be on their website, brochures and business cards.

INSURANCE: Nothing is more important than having liability and contents insurance on themselves and their hired sub contractors. The client is responsible for WSIB if the workers on their property are injured.

PLUTHERA OF SERVICES:  A great stager will offer other services to assist you through your selling/moving process. Window coverings, furniture/area rug/lighting/flooring/art sourcing, space planning, colour consultations, new home set up are a few common services offered by great stagers.

OFFICAL BUSINESS OPERATION: Staging services can be expensive and many people like to collect “points” on their credit cards. Make sure your stager accepts major credit cards.

CERTIFICATION: Make sure your stager is a pro. Stagers that are great are certified and keep up with the industry trends and continuing education by attending seminars, webinars, meetings and Conventions.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Some stagers are also amateur photographers and own expensive cameras with wide angle lenses. MLS photos for your listings should be an added value provided by your awesome stager.

SALES EXPERIENCE: There is a graceful but strong way of guiding people and someone with sales experience will know exactly how to help people get from A to B.

INVENTORY: A great stager has a good selection of quality inventory such as lamps, bedding, art, trees, accents, tables, area rugs, sofas, loveseats, chairs and bedroom furniture that can be rented to you for a fraction of the price of purchasing.

TEAM: A great stager has a team of contractors who can, on short notice, paint, lay flooring, install back splash, landscape or even complete a bathroom reno.

TARGET MARKET: Will your stager know what to do to make the house sell-able. Room function, furniture layout, focal point are addressed to target the very specific group of people that would likely be interested in your house and area.


Not all stagers are created equal. Just ask a few questions and you will know what sets apart the good stagers from the BEST STAGERS.