What is Staging?

Staging is more than preparing the house for sale. Staging is the technique used by an accredited professional AFTER it's been cleaned, de-cluttered, painted, and minor repairs have been made. It's about dressing the house for sale. Staging is about merchandising your property. Curb appeal, traffic flow, lighting, furniture layout, creating the illusion of space and neutralizing are all addressed in order to make your home look universal. What is accomplished is that the buyer can connect with the home.

Market Advantage
Home staging is a key marketing tool to help sell a home quickly and for its top value. Many surveys have been conducted to test the success of home staging. Many of these statistics have proven, quite powerfully, that there are many benefits to staging.

- A staged home shows better than the competing homes on the market
- Staged homes sell for more money than un-staged homes
- A staged home sells faster than an un-staged home
- The listing of a staged home looks superior in print advertising, on the internet and in person
- Realtors recognize staged homes as the best properties to show their clients

Universal Concepts specializes in knowing what motivates potential buyers. We merchandise properties, transforming the home into a showpiece designed specifically to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. We analyze the demographics and target market of each individual listing to ensure we make the potential buyer connect with the home.

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