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Investors and Developers


Investors recognize vacant properties take longer to sell than a staged property. We are here to assist you to get the most rent for your apartments or the most $$$$ for your flips!!

  •  STAGE TO SELL (flips and renovations)

  •  STAGE TO FILL (landlords who are showing and filling units/houses for rent)

  • STAGE FOR PHOTOS (“IN & OUT” stage and destage, all in one day, for the marketing photos only)

Landlords know staged units (and long-term marketing photos) increase ad response and attract higher level tenants.​


Investors who include staging in their overall plan have more success filling or selling their property.

Staging is an excellent way to zero in on specific buyer/renter target market.

Realtors and Homeowners


Staging is more than preparing the house for sale. Staging is the technique used by an accredited professional AFTER it has been cleaned, de-cluttered, painted, and minor repairs have been made. It's about merchandising your property. Curb appeal, traffic flow, lighting, furniture layout, room function, creating the illusion of space, neutralizing and on-trend design are all addressed in order to make your home look UNIVERSAL. What is accomplished is that the buyer can connect with the home.

  • 68% of staged homes sold for at least 9% more than their “un-staged neighbour’s” home says a 2018 Home Staging Resource study of over 4200 staged homes.

  • The listing of a staged home looks superior in print advertising, on the internet and in person.

  • Realtors recognize staged homes as the best properties to show their clients.

  • Staging Consultations can have a huge impact in assisting home owners to come up with a strategic plan to get them prepped and ready to sell.




Universal Concepts specializes in knowing what motivates potential buyers. We merchandise properties, transforming the home into a showpiece designed specifically to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. We analyze the demographics and target market of each individual listing to ensure we make the potential buyer connect with the home.


Market Advantage


Based out of Stoney Creek, Ontario, Universal Concepts Staging Solutions is a heart-led, yet results-focused home staging company. The design process to merchandise a cohesive and beautiful space for a specific buyer/target market is a very systematic process. I believe the combination of exceptional staging and design knowledge, fabulous inventory pieces and the love and passion to just CREATE is the key! 

Interior Design

I have been working in the interior design industry since 1992 when I graduated from Niagara College of Applied Arts with a diploma in interior design. I worked at a window covering/furniture store in St. Catharines after I graduated. When I moved to Hamilton to move in with my future husband I changed companies and worked at a high level window covering store in Hamilton for 6 years. Then I took the CSP (Certified Staging Professionals) staging course. I felt this was an incredible addition to my interior design education and I launched Universal Concepts Design and Staging Solutions in 2006. I have since had the honour to help countless homeowners, real estate agents, homebuilders, developers and investors sell, or fill, their properties fast and for top dollar. 

What I enjoy most is the amazing relationships I have with so many of the best, most interesting, kickass investors and Realtors in the area. The other thing that just lights me up is the camaraderie I have with my incredible team of designers, stagers and movers. It is so true that when you do what you love everything else falls into place!



Stoney Creek, Ontario  |  Tel: 905-730-5264

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"As a real estate investor, I always call upon Jacqueline and her team at Universal Concepts to stage my properties. Their fantastic work allows my properties to rent quickly for top dollar, each and every time.
I would highly recommend Universal Concepts to all real
estate investors. "
— Vanessa

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